Definitions of regal 1 adj belonging to cupones de descuento en wish or befitting a star wars cosas para regalar supreme ruler regal attire, synonyms: imperial, majestic, purple, royal noble of or belonging to or constituting the hereditary aristocracy especially as derived from feudal times.
Even though he was homeless, Dan had a regal bearing.
He should have no good story wherewith to regale his friends.
Grammy awards last night didn't he?" "Naughty Corey and his 'gang' are the most regal looking bunch of misfits I've ever seen" "This is a pretty regal CD collection you have here my friend.
Reserve regal for those instances when the person or thing truly seems like it wants to be the queen, actually is the queen, or looks like it might belong to the queen.BrE BrE/rel/ ; NAmE NAmE/rel/ he / she / it regales.Of course I regale him with every new photograph taken of turkeys.Definitions of regale 1 v provide with choice or abundant food or drink.Verb verb, brE BrE/rel/ ; NAmE NAmE/rel verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they regale.There are several synonyms for regal, but they all have slightly different meanings.

So, if you need to please or impress someone, regale them that is, treat them to lavish food and drink.
BrE BrE/relz/ ; NAmE NAmE/relz/ past simple regaled, brE BrE/reld/ ; NAmE NAmE/reld/ past participle regaled, brE BrE/reld/ ; NAmE NAmE/reld/ -ing form regaling.
You may have heard it said that the fastest way to a persons heart is through his stomach.
Synonyms: treat treat provide with a gift or entertainment.
Phrasal Verbs regale with.Because I was beast enough to regale her with a lecture, and that, too, about a mummy.Let all that can gladden and regale be poured into the cup of an ungodly como ganar dinero por internet haciendo click man.And booths, wherein you might regale, And have a pint of beer, or ale.I suppose you intend to regale the sailors before they leave.Top definition, regal unknown, derived from the term 'Queen 'Regal' is used to describe someone that whilst not necessarily gay, shows tendencies towards such and dresses in a particularly effeminate way.