regal academy season 2 episode 8

45 "Ruby Returns" TBA April 1, 2018 Rose and her friends fly to premios destapa gol the Snow White Gem Mines to find the shining Dawn Gems, but evil Ruby is back to marry Hawk.
Although Astoria's ivy hair manages to retrieve the mask, the Snow Queen still manages to draw out its power to create icy dragons that cause chaos in the party.
Because she has spent so much of her time in the tower, Magister Rapunzel excitedly wants to talk and show off her books.
Professor IronFan 29 LingLing's grandmother.Home sol; Regal Academy sol; Season 2 sol;Episode 8: Into the Enchanted Forest.Rose finds out that she is the granddaughter to the headmistress Cinderella.M/en/bio/rose a b c d e f g h i j k l m n "Astoria and the Beanstalk".A Dance of Reflection is held at Regal Academy to celebrate, where Rose and Hawk dance and sing together.Magister Rapunzel 26 (voiced by Kayzie Rogers 4 in the English version, Alessandra Cassioli in the Italian version) is the poetry and literature teacher.However, the Forest prince reveals that Tatania traded Fala to the Snow Queen for a curse to steal his crown.Ruby Stepsister 12 (voiced by Brittney Hamilton 4 in the English version, Joy Saltarello in the Italian version) is a student who is friends with Vicky and usually helps her out with her evil plans (by mostly doing the bulk of the work).Always slow and clumsy, he does nothing to hide his nature.Kira, having learnt a powerful curse from her mother, uses this distraction to stick it into the main magic mirror controlling the rest.Shawn uses the Magic of the Mask, with his wand is able to appear on her face and on that of his friends of the masks with special powers.

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Encountering a former prince, he reveals how he was cursed to wander the Forest due to an evil witch named Tatania controlling.
He is lazy and likes to nap a lot, even during class.
Snow White teaches etiquette, teamwork, and how to use magical items and powers.Connecting with his mirror self, which he has never done before, Hawk manages to break the curse and free Rose and his friends.Rose learns about the story of Fala, Hawk's sister who disappeared years before, and promises she will help him find her in the Enchanted Forest.Although initially appalled, Astoria agrees on the condition that her grandmother will let her take the advance placement test, and if she passes she will return back to school.Her romantic interest is Hawk SnowWhite.Finally, a three-legged race eliminates Travis, but Hawk manages to make Earl lose his partner Kira, causing him to be disqualified despite finishing first.