ganas porque cargas

Many English speakers, for codigo promocional forever 21 españa example, get confused between you're and your or whose and who's.
Por que tengo ganas de ser en tu vida mas que una aventura.
With that warning, let's proceed:.That said, like a misplaced its, people will probably be able to tell what you were trying to say.Es muy importante que estos lugares no te alejen mucho del camino hacia tu destino final y así puedas aprovechar mejor el tiempo de viaje.Instead, find or create a bunch of example sentences that cover all four porques and put them on flashcards.Por qué tu falda es tan larga?You should also use por que when a phrasal verb like preocuparse por (to worry about) or luchar por (to fight for) is naturally followed by a que : Se preocupa por que no le guste.

Hay que averiguar los porqués de este accidente.
I don't know why I said.
Ganó porque es mas fuerte He won because he's stronger.Let us know in the comments.The main difference is is that por qué and porqué have more emphasis on the second syllable, while porque and porqué have more emphasis on the first, a fact that should be easy to remember if you learn the rules zalando descuentos 2016 for Spanish accents and word.Whose or its vs it's, writing the wrong porque can change regalo niño 2 años the meaning of a sentence, or break it altogether.Por qué ignoras toda la gente!Por qué las noches son tan oscuras?Why, which of the four versions is the most common?Hay muchas razones para no entregarme entero esta noche.