cupones pull and bear mexico

"Greetings, Brother said Fox.
"I wonder if he is still there Fox said to himself.
"I will hide over here where the fish cannot see me said Fox.
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Fox, as everyone knows, is a trickster and likes nothing better than fooling others.Fox made a hole in the ice, right near a place where Bear liked to walk.Submissions, advertise, customer Service, privacy, we are a participant in the Amazon Services cuanto gana una azafata internacional LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us tarifas gana energia to earn fees by linking to m and affiliated sites.just like that."I'll just go and check.".Do not even think of a song or the fish will hear you.As you can see, I have already caught all the fish.Bear woke up with a start and pulled his long tail hard as he could."Wait, Brother he said, "This place will not be good.By the time Bear came by, all around Fox, in a big circle, were big trout and fat perch.

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"Now Fox said, "you must do just as I tell you.
Let us make you a new fishing spot where you can catch many big trout.".
Back in the old days, Bear had a tail which was his proudest possession.
His snores were so loud that the ice was shaking.It was so funny that Fox rolled with laughter.Soon a fish will come and grab your tail and you can pull him out." "But how will I know if a fish has grabbed my tail if my back is turned?" asked Bear.So Fox went back to the ice covered pond and what do you think he saw?It was the time of year when Hatho, the Spirit of Frost, had swept across the land, covering the lakes with ice and pounding on the trees with his big hammer.Fox watched for a time to make sure that Bear was doing as he was told and then, very quietly, sneaked back to his own house and went to bed.Bear watched as Fox made the hole in the ice, already tasting the fine fish he would soon catch.

Then you must pull as hard as you can to catch your fish.
But his tail had been caught in the ice which had frozen over during the night and as he pulled, it broke off - Whack!
It had snowed during the night and covered Bear, who had fallen asleep while waiting for Fox to tell him to pull his tail and catch a fish.