San Martín's plan was complicated as well by the Disaster of Rancagua, a royalist victory that restored absolutism in Chile, ending the Patria Vieja period.
The real conference took place inside an office, and not in the countryside as the portrait suggests.
The authority of San Martín and Bolívar, and the local rivalry of their respective countries Peru and Colombia, limited their options for joint work: Colombians would not have liked Bolívar to give many of his forces to San Martín, whilst Peruvians would not have liked.Manuel Rodríguez was also imprisoned and then killed in prison; this death may have been decided by the Lautaro lodge.En febrero de 1824, sumamente disgustado por las guerras civiles en las que estaban envueltas las Provincias Unidas del Río de la Plata, decidió partir nuevamente, embarcando con destino a Francia junto con su hija Mercedes.San Martín and Guido wrote a report in the autumn of 1816, detailing to the Supreme Director Antonio González de Balcarce the full military plan of operations.

Sus padres era Juan de San Martín, entonces gobernador del departamento y su madre Gregoria Matorras, sobrina de un conquistador del Chaco.
Statues of San Martín appear in most cities of Argentina, as well as in Santiago and Lima.
During the 1848 revolution, San Martin left Paris and moved to Boulogne-sur-Mer, a small city in northern France.The first explanation suggests that when the wars of independence began San Martín thought that his duty was to return to his country and serve in the military conflict.The unitarian Bartolomé Mitre wrote a biography of San Martín, " Historia de San Martín y de la emancipación sudamericana " ( Spanish : History of San Martín and the South American emancipation ).The neighbourhood of San Martín in Bogotá, Colombia's Centro Internacional area is named for the large equestrian statue of the General situated in a small plaza also named for him.New York: The Overlook Press, Peter Mayer Publishers.He considered that the war of independence took priority over ganar dinero desde casa haciendo manualidades the civil wars.The family moved to Buenos Aires in 1781, when San Martín was three or four years old.Shortly after receiving the news of the Argentine victory against the Anglo-French blockade, he died, three o'clock on Remains edit José de San Martín died on, in his house at Boulogne-sur-Mer, France.San Martín National Institute.Bolívar ended the discussion by annexing Guayaquil into Colombia.